Gigi Hadid's Cavalli Dress Replica

Some time ago we had a real exam for our skills and ingenuity.
Ukrainian model, singer and Mrs Ukraine Universe 2015 Yana Brilitskaya came to us with a request to tailor her long-standing dream. The dream was the visually weightless long-sleeved lacy off-shoulders dress, created for Gigi Hadid by Cavalli Fashion Company. 
At first glance, we understood, that it would be an extremely hard challenge. We had to match the textures and colours of dozen of various laces. But there was another difficulty. This gown had to reveal the shoulders and at the same time to be very wide at the hemline. The wide hem is heavy and pulls the dress down. Off-shoulders dress - means that it would fall off and we need inner support or something that will hold it in place. That's why other designers, who Yana asked to create this dress, refused to work with it. But we are always ready to deal with interesting and technologically complicated projects. So we started work on this awe-inspiring dream. Firstly, after some days of brainstorming, we’ve developed the technology. We decided to put all this lacy construction on the skin-coloured bodysuit corset. It had to create the illusion of a naked body under the semi-transparent fabric. Also, the corset was designed to tight figure and make it more sophisticated.
The second step was the fabric. We meticulously looked through all known fabric stores and online markets searching for suitable laces for more than two weeks. When the suitable material was finally found we started the third step of the creation process. It took a week of hard handmade work for the whole atelier to create this beauty. Finally, all these laces were put together and sewn. The construction was ready.

The most terrifying and exciting moment - the fitting. And thanks to God, it was successful! Only a few details left until the dress was fully completed. And now this dress is our amulet, reminding us that there are no impossible things for us.
You never know, what you are capable of until you try. And we tried!
The result impressed everyone, especially us. From the moment we've finished this dress, we've realized that hardworking and patience can do miracles!
Friends, always remember, that you are able for unbelievable things. Just try and don't be afraid to fall;)
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