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A Renaissance-inspired dress is a perfect choice for a regal wedding. Keep reading to learn about your options. 

Key Features And Styles Of Renaissance Wedding Dresses 

A typical medieval Renaissance wedding dress was elegant, luxurious, and had elaborate detailing, which reflected the period's grandeur and artistry. Square or sweetheart necklines were in fashion back then. The square neckline provided a more rigid and regal appearance, while the sweetheart neckline brought softness and delicacy. Thus, you have two options if you're into Renaissance wedding clothing.

Puffed sleeves were another distinguishing characteristic of Renaissance wedding outfits. These wide sleeves were often gathered at the shoulder, producing a dramatic and beautiful appearance. Elaborate trains were a feature of Renaissance wedding gowns, representing opulence and prestige. These trains were embellished with elaborate needlework, lace, or beads. 

Why DressArtMystery?

DressArtMystery is one of the best solutions one can think of regarding historic-inspired dresses and costumes. Our atelier creates the most detailed and rich designs you can find. Here's why you should choose our services:

  • We use the best fabrics and materials.
  • Our attention to detail enables us to create the most intricate designs that take everyone's breath away.
  • You can order unique custom designs.

Check out our collection of Renaissance wedding dresses to better understand the designs. You can choose one of the designs, and we will sew the dress or costume based on your measurements. For instance, take a look at a Renaissance "Ever After" jacquard dress that can be a perfect Renaissance wedding gown.

You may also check out the "Luxury custom commission dress" option, which means you can share your ideas or sketches with tailors to get a dream Renaissance wedding dress costume or gown. 

Dress Preserving Tips

Here are a few crucial storage tips:

  • Avoid sunlight and heat.
  • Use professional cleaning.
  • Inspect the dress regularly.
  • Store the dress in a cool and dry space. 

By following these tips, you can preserve the dress perfectly.