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Marie Antoinette was not just a queen but a style icon of the 1700s. Historians call her the first lady who chose «couture» outfits, dresses, and suits created in a single copy by her  «fashion minister» Rose Bertin. Let's discuss how women's Marie Antoinette dress costumes inspire modern designers.

The History of Marie Antoinette's Dress

Marie Antoinette was 14 when she was sent to France to marry Louis XVI. Marie was immediately fascinated by the luxurious costumes of Versailles with its growing rococo trends with its layered skirts, pastel shades, and lavishly embellished decorative elements. Main elements of Marie Antoinette's dress style:

  • Pannier skirts were in high demand but were impractical due to an uncomfortable wide frame, up to 16 pounds in diameter.
  • Robe a la Francaise: a Marie Antoinette cosplay dress with an open back consisting of several skirts and a bodice with characteristic pleats at the back.
  • Robe a la Polonese: a Polish-inspired Marie Antoinette gown with a skirt pulled up three-quarters in the back to show off a chic petticoat.
  • The chemise à la Reine is a light, nightgown-like clothing in fresh fabrics like muslin, tied at the waist with a drawstring or ribbon.

Modern Marie Antoinette women's costumes suit self-confident girls who like the lush rococo style and are not afraid to attract admiring glances. You can choose a Marie Antoinette Halloween costume, create a Renaissance photo shoot look or wear a wedding costume.

The main aspects of Marie Antoinette's outfit

Marie Antoinette wedding gown can be done in a robe à la française style. It is a three-piece dress. The wide skirt, open in front, ending with a train, falls to the floor. If we are talking about the costume bodice, it is fitted, embellished with decorative details, and ends with a triangular part called pièce d'estomac.

Marie Antoinette women's costume has a deep square or U-shaped neckline and medium-length sleeves that end with lace ruffles. They are made of silk and have embroidered or printed floral designs.

Extravagant accessories

The queen was rich and lucky, so if you want to convey Marie Antoinette's clothing, you should wear pumps with heels embellished and a clutch with sequins. An excellent addition to Marie Antoinette's cosplay will be bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings with precious stones. Don't forget to wear white stockings with garters.

The color spectrum of women's costumes

When choosing a Marie Antoinette wedding dress, one color comes to mind - pink. Flamingo, coral, salmon, and pastel pink are the perfect shades for clothing. Pair these shades with beige accessories for an elegant look. Some women add gray and hot pink to the Marie Antoinette outfit.

How to choose Marie Antoinette's outfit

If you like wedding Marie Antoinette clothing style, DressArtMystery specialists will help you choose your dream outfit. On the site, you will find many fantastic historical costumes for essential events and gothic outfits for clubbing and parties. Consider the main steps in creating an unique Halloween Marie Antoinette costume:

  • You tell the professionals what you need and send some references of costumes. Specialists will discuss with you the level of exclusivity, the fabrics used, and the tailoring period of wedding clothing.
  • After clarifying the details, experts estimate the cost of the work. Full or partial payment is possible.
  • Production: a team of specialists will send you photos during the selection of fabric and the process of tailoring the wedding dress. You will also receive a photograph of the final result of Marie Antoinette's dressing for approval.
  • Delivery: upon completion of tailoring, that is, 8-10 weeks after placing the order, you will receive an exclusive women's Marie Antoinette costume.

Let DressArtMystery professionals make your dreams come true so you can enjoy an unforgettable style and look with our clothing!