Victorian Headdresses

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The Victorian era was one of the most enigmatic and appealing periods. Moreover, it is known for being one of the most striking and beautiful fashions. Women used to wear gorgeous dresses that looked like art pieces, and they preferred elegant accessories, such as headdresses. At DressArtMystery, we offer our clients to buy unique Victorian-like headdresses and other accessories. 

Unique Victorian Headdresses

As you may know, bonnets were the most popular women's headdress choice in the 1830s since women preferred thick hair with numerous loops and knots in their hairdos. Victorian bonnets featured enormous crowns, often enriched with frills, feathers, ribbons, lace, and fake flowers. Some ladies even used fruit or vegetables!

At DressArtMystery, we don't offer you to wear fruit and vegetables in your hair, but we do offer unique Victorian headpiece designs. We have some of the most charming bonnets and hats you can find online! 

Some of these Victorian headdresses are for sale, so you can choose designs that you like. However, you can contact us if you need something special. We develop custom-made designs for dresses, accessories, and even lingerie. We use high-quality materials that don't harm our environment.