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The Victorian era is associated with something mysterious yet fabulous. It was a period of some of the best fashion choices, including men's wear. Check out our recreated Victorian men's clothing at DressArtMystery. 

Features Of Male Victorian Outfits

Women's fashion during this era experienced huge changes. However, male clothing style did not alter dramatically during the Victorian period, although some changes were notable and exciting. 

Throughout the first years of the century, men wore the so-called Stove-pipe trousers. The male attire had to be formal, elegant, and even sober during business or leisure hours. The main characteristics of Victorian men's clothing were simple lines and silhouettes. The usage of dark colors also characterized it.

Men were also wearing cylindrical hats and used canes. Men also wore cravats, ascots, and bowties during that period. The typical image of a Victorian gentleman also included a waistcoat, a vest, and a coat or a jacket. These designs sound simple and plain, but they look put together and impressive. It was one of the most elegant eras overall.

This simplicity and effortless elegance are two factors that attract modern people in the Victorian era. You can find recreations of men's Victorian costumes at DressArtMystery. Some of the outfits on the website are offered so that you can look at the designs. However, all our clothes are unique and made according to customers’ requirements.  

However, you can order custom-made male Victorian outfits. Whether you're into cosplay or have a special occasion, you can use our services and need a high-quality stylized Victorian custom. We recreate Victorian costumes of any complexity and even manage to make them look like outfits from fantasy movies and TV shows. If you have an idea for a Victorian male costume, you can contact us, and we will discuss all details. 

Why DressArtMystery?

First, our costumes aren't cheap but worth your money. We use high-quality materials and create unique designs loyal to the Victorian era. At the same time, we manage to customize them per request so that these costumes look like outfits of characters from different fantasy TV shows. 

Here's why you should choose our Victorian men's clothing:

  • Safe and high-quality materials and fabrics.
  • We recreate designs of any difficulty level.
  • We customize designs according to customers' wishes.
  • Our outfits perfectly suit our clients since we tailor and adjust them according to personal measurements.
Check out our Victorian men's costumes for sale to better understand what we offer.