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When we think about celebrating Halloween or a costume party, the Victorian vampire costume is one of the most exciting and attractive solutions. All Victorian vampire dresses featured fashionable silhouettes. At the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign, the silhouette of the Victorian vampire outfit was one of an elongated, slim torso with wide, bell-shaped, full skirts.

To create a luxurious look, women wore heavy petticoats underneath the dresses. Ladies preferred narrow corsets and skirts, the style constantly changing. Necklines of dresses in the first half of the Victorian period were modest, often high, and complemented by collars. Such an adult Victorian vampire costume will make a splash at any party.

Styles of Victorian vampire dresses

Now that we have identified the features of Victorian fashion, let's look at the main types of Victorian gothic vampire costume:

  • The classic vampire Victorian dress has attractive lace trim, a high collar, and flowing skirts, reminiscent of the traditional clothing of the Victorian period. In this dress, you will feel like a natural aristocrat.
  • Extravagant Victorian vampire clothing is often made in dark and dramatic colors; their bodices resemble corsets. The outfits also feature original designer elements, including ruffled sleeves and an asymmetrical hem. Such a dress lets you show guests your dark side.
  • A sexy vampire costume Victorian will make you look hot at a vampire-themed event. These dresses are designed to attract attention with plunging necklines, thigh-high slits and chic silhouettes.
  • Modern vampire dresses are suitable for those looking for a fresh take on the vampire look. These dresses feature clean lines, minimalist designs, and unique details such as asymmetrical necklines or metallic elements.

Think about which Victorian vampire gown will highlight your figure and best suit the concept of the event.

Accessories to complete the Victorian vampire costume

It's not enough to just buy Victorian vampire clothing; to look like Bram Stoker's heroine, you need to add stylish accessories to your look:

  • Hat: it is the most crucial detail of the Edwardian vampire costume. Usually, they were made from velvet, satin, or cotton. Such products often decorate feathers, ribbons, artificial flowers, veils, and stuffed birds.
  • Shoes: choose dark and elegant shoes to supplement the Victorian vampire Halloween costume. Choose a flat sole with spikes or a small heel; you can complement the Victorian dress vampire with massive boots.
  • Accessories: the vampire needs to have the correct teeth. Look for mysterious fangs that are easily attached. Add a bubble with blood on a gold chain and long acrylic nails to your Victorian steampunk vampire costume.

Do not forget to use eyelid shadows to darken your eyes and white face paint that will make you look pale.

Where to buy Victorian Vampire clothing?

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