Red feather shaman headdress

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  • polyurethane horns, turkey feathers, polyurethane foam skull, latex, and fabric.


An incredible item that fascinates with the aesthetics of wilderness. It looks as if it is really completely created from natural materials. High quality of detailing: the texture of "horns" and "skulls", numerous fabric elements, and beads.

A headdress can become a key element in your look of a shaman, pagan witch, leader of the tribe, or another fantasy character. Be prepared to have compliments and rave reviews at LARPs, photoshoots, themed parties, and tribal dance performances!

The framework for this headdress is made of wire. The size can be made individually: you’ll need to measure the length from the right ear to the left in two ways. The frame is adjustable, it can be bent to make it larger or smaller.

A really great accessory for those who feel nature's power.

The headpiece is made to order.



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