Green witch headdress with snakes

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  • wire framework, polyurethane faux wolf's spine, natural stones, latex snakes, plastic branches


Awaken your inner enchantress with our mesmerizing Witch Headdress. This unique accessory blends the mystique of the wilderness with the charm of the magical, resulting in a striking piece that's perfect for a variety of occasions – from Pagan ceremonies and theatrical performances to Halloween parties and fantasy festivals.

Our Witch Headdress is designed to fit anyone comfortably, thanks to its universal size. The wreath is based on a flexible and sturdy foundation that you can easily adjust to your specific size. No need to worry about sizing – just enjoy the magical aura it adds to your look!

The centerpiece of this headdress is a faux wolf's spine, meticulously recreated from polyurethane. This stunning feature captures the raw power of nature while adding a unique touch to your attire.

Further enhancing the headdress's mystique are natural stones, latex snakes, and plastic branches. The stones lend an earthy feel, grounding the piece in the power of the natural world. The latex snakes weave in an element of surprise and evoke the cunning wisdom of the witch, while the plastic branches offer a gentle reminder of the forest's mystery.

Whether you're a practicing witch, a lover of fantasy, or just someone who appreciates unique accessories, this Witch Headdress is a must-have. Order now and experience the magic and mystique of this beautifully crafted piece.


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