About us


Tailoring your dreams

For years we have been merging dreams and reality to create incredible and absolutely unique costumes. We tailor individual things, keeping in mind our client’s wishes, looks and personality. On this web-site we display items that have been created with our own ideas. Each model can be changed and individually tailored per request.

We put a lot of work into sketches; pay diligent attention to materials’ picking and choosing the perfect technology. We do an immense amount of hand work – embroidery, decorating with ribbons and crystals.

We like experimenting and exploring new approaches. We work with diverse materials: velvet, chiffon, jacquard, knitwear, coats materials, artificial fur, leather, and metal decorations. All our items are 100% handmade and unique.

We are inspired by historical costumes: Victorian, Tudor age, Renaissance, Middle Ages, and more. Some of our ideas come from fantasy (fairy and elves), movies and subcultures. We create steampunk, cyber, and romantic goth costumes; are fascinated by burlesque, cabaret, pin-up, and 50th themes. Our specialty is tight corsets – our record is -9,5 inches in the waist. We use high-quality metal implements, which are produced in Germany; pick only the finest materials, including vintage or even antic. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us - we will create the look you have been long dreaming about.

 Meet out Team

 Katerina Novikova

Co-founder, Designer,Creator

Ganna Zagorodnia

Co-founder, Designer, Communication


Maker, Assistant





Assistant, Dispatcher


Owner, Co-founder, Financial Accounting