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Jane Austen wrote her famous novels during the Regency era, from 1811 to 1820, when the Prince of Wales ruled as regent for the mentally ill King George III. If you have seen film adaptations of the writer's novels, you can imagine typical Jane Austen era costumes. Most often, the heroines wear white flowing dresses. But let's discuss Jane Austen style dresses in more detail.

Jane Austen's clothing style

During Jay Austin's youth, loose clothing made from new fabrics was in fashion. The hem of the Jane Austen dress costume was slightly raised to show off the beautiful shoes and ankles. High-waisted dresses sat high on the body, highlighting the magnificent bust. Such Jane Austen era dresses were often made of muslin or light cotton; they did not hinder movement.

Although Jane Austen's wedding dresses emphasize freedom, they are more complex than they seem. The underwear of that era consisted of linen chemise; often, ladies wore several of these wardrobe items. Petticoats could be worn under dresses, although sometimes they are called the main clothing. Corsets were still worn over chemises to give curvy shapes to the body and chest. Stockings in Jane Austen cosplay can reach the knees and be held in garters.

Jane Austen era dresses in the film adaptation

Adaptations of the writer's books over the past 30 years have varied dramatically in the way they tell the story and represent Jane Austen clothing style. The best films are the ones that stick strictly to the storylines and have the most historically accurate costumes. Let's take a look at some of the most successful Jane Austen costumes that can be used for cosplay:

  • Ms. Elton Orange Dress Emma (2020): Mrs. Elton wears this costume when she and her new husband visit Woodhouses. The Eltons are gloating about their recent wedding, and the orange dress emphasizes Mrs. Elton's rough and selfish disposition. The Jane Austen costume is simple, but a ruffled necklace and a large bow on the head complement it.
  • Elizabeth's Brown Dress Pride and Prejudice (2005): This adaptation of Elizabeth Bennet is more tomboyish than other films. She wears a brown dress with a white tunic and collar. Such a Jane Austen outfit looks a little academic, but it is perfectly complemented by a shawl, which also reveals the romantic nature of the girl. This dress combines different elements of men's rather than women's fashion of the period.
  • Marianne's Pink Dress Sense and Sensibility (2008): such pink Jane Austen era clothing captures the heroine's character. Like Marianne herself, the dress is simple and playful. It represents girlish optimism. Marianne pairs it with loose hair and ribbons.

Whatever Jane Austen gown you choose to cosplay, we recommend you complement it with a hat or cap. Headdresses of that era were decorated with veils, feathers, and flowers.

Choice of Jane Austen era costumes

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