Renaissance dress with pantaloons and open skirt

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Viscose, taffeta, golden laces, spiral bones


Jasmine Aladdin outfits are an excellent option for those going to a costume party. There are Jasmine Aladdin Halloween costumes for sale in different sizes and styles for adults and children. You can go out in such clothes as a couple or dress up in a large group to repeat the outfits of the entire cast, entrusting the role of Iago to the noisiest friend. Let's discuss why these characters are still popular and how to make Jasmine Aladdin cosplay.

The biography of heroes for those who want to choose Jasmine costume women

Princess Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah from the 1992 animated film; in 2019, Walt Disney Pictures entrusted Guy Ritchie to direct the fantasy film of the same name. Despite the rule that requires a girl to marry a prince by her next birthday, Jasmine hopes to find true love.

Walking outside the castle, Jasmine meets Aladdin, the kind Agrabah thief. Although the princess and Aladdin grew up in different worlds, they complement each other perfectly. After a brave young man rescued Jasmine from Jafar's control with Jin's help, they were forever reunited. In this story, the princess wears many chic costumes; you can also choose Jasmine costumes for Halloween, fair, or themed photoshoots.

The most interesting Jasmine costumes

Jasmine's outfits in Aladdin have always been associated with her bright turquoise low-rise harem pants paired with a small off-the-shoulder top that exposes the navel. On set, this iconic cartoon look was updated with a nude bodice and flowy trousers embellished with glittering stones and peacock feathers. However, this is not the only memorable princess Jasmine costume from the film; you can choose other clothes for cosplay:

  • Dating costume: when fans crowded around the palace to ask for Jasmine's hand in marriage, she stepped out in a beautiful purple dress with a long train embellished with turquoise, gold coins, and precious stones. Experts chose a strict but richly decorated bodice to show the formality of princess Jasmine clothes.
  • Encounter under the moon: When the princess waits to meet Prince Ali (this is Aladdin in a new image), she is wearing a bright purple and coral costume. This Jasmine dress in Aladdin is more flowy and textured than the rest of her stately costumes. It intertwines Indian embroidery and Arabic motifs in veils and accessories.
  • Waiting for the wedding: with the help of the Genie, Aladdin infiltrates the palace disguised as Prince Ali, who wants to marry Jasmine. When the couple meets, the princess wears an orange embroidered costume with wide sleeves and green accents. It is an unusual combination of shades, characteristic of the Arab and South Indian cultures.

The film's costume designers did an excellent job of creating a vivid image of the princess, which you want to repeat in everyday life.

A few words about accessories

It's not enough just to buy an Aladdin Jasmine dress; you can also add the following attributes to the costume of princess Jasmine:

  • Gold ballerinas: Jasmine completes the look with beautiful gold shoes.
  • Snake armband: the princess is wearing a slithering snake design bracelet in the cartoon.
  • Long ponytail wig: The long hair of the princess is pulled back into a high ponytail. An essential element of Jasmine costume women will be a rectangular gold hairpin.
  • Gold earrings: the princess wears delicate earrings to frame her face beautifully.

You can choose any princess Jasmine cosplay costume to shine at the party. We recommend choosing a couple costumes with Aladdin so that all guests look only at you.

How to choose an Aladdin outfit to complement princess Jasmine's costume

If your girlfriend ordered a princess dress Jasmine for the party, we recommend purchasing an Aladdin costume. In the cartoon, a muscular Aladdin wears a purple vest, off-white bloomers, a crimson sash, and a maroon fez hat.

In Guy Ritchie's movie, Mena Massoud wears a white striped shirt with long linen sleeves, an embroidered red waistcoat, frayed linen trousers, a stylish cap, and a pair of moccasin boots. In this costume, the guy looks stylish even against the backdrop of bright princess Jasmine gowns.

Selection of Jasmine's Halloween costumes

Have you been invited to a costume party or have decided to arrange a bright photo shoot but do not know where to buy Jasmine and Aladdin costumes? Then we recommend that you contact DressArtMystery for help. How can we please our clients:

  • Large selection of outfits: you can study the princess Jasmine dress presented in the catalogs or provide the specialists with your sketches to get a unique costume.
  • Fabrics and accessories of the highest quality: when sewing costumes, we use silk, taffeta, jacquard, and wool from trusted manufacturers so that the outfit will please you with beauty for many years.
  • Customer care: our specialists will clarify all the order details and answer any questions.

Have some Halloween fun with our unique Jasmine Halloween costumes, and don't forget to fill up the magic carpet before you hit the road.

The costume consists of a corset, shirt, pantaloons, a front-opened skirt, and a removable basque. The color of the skirt is mint and a little lighter than the rest of the costume.
The costume is made of taffeta with cotton lining and decorated with laces. The material of the shirt is viscose.

Whether you're dressing up for a theme party or just want to feel like a queen for a day, this Fantasy renaissance costume is perfect for you!

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