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Are you looking for something special made just for you? Do you have a dream and want somebody to make it come true?
So, we are here for you to tailor your dream!

DressArtMystery team gladly accepts custom orders and is a real pro in it.

We put a lot of attention to all details and processes, so you will get exactly what you want and even more. Luxury fabrics, handmade embroidery, embellishments, proper patterns made according to your measurements - all of this about your future dress.


First, we would ask you to answer a few questions:

1. What would you like? Please send us your ideas or some references, so that we can understand as many details of the future work as possible.
2. Would you like it to be an exclusive and one-of-a-kind order or you wouldn’t mind us making copies in the future? This will influence the price, usually exclusive orders are about twice more expensive.
3. What materials would you prefer? Do you like natural fabrics only or artificial ones are OK as well?
4. Do you have any specific date you need the order? We need to understand the time terms for production and delivery.

Based on this information, our team will discuss the order and calculate the approximate cost. Maybe, we will have to ask a few additional questions about the details.


Please mind that $1000 is the start price for custom orders and we have to know more details about your dress or costume to calculate it precisely.

The final cost is known after finishing the work, it may vary slightly from the approximate one because it’s pretty difficult to calculate everything in advance if we never worked on this dress before.

If your budget is strictly limited, we offer options on how we can fulfill your dress without going beyond the declared cost.

Sometimes we make custom orders based on our standard collection and we know how much time it takes to produce it. In this case, we will calculate the final price right after the discussion of details.

Also, we accept partial payments. Usually, we divide the full sum for 3-4 every month payments. We create the first part of the payment and start production.


After the first payment, we send you a measurement list. We check it, and if everything is okay, we start the production, but if we have doubts we may ask you to remeasure a few points.

Also, we start fabric searching and of course, we show you photos in progress. After fabrics are approved and purchased we start tailoring. Usually, we make the dress ready near or slightly before/after the last payment is done.

During the process, we send you the pictures of your dress per request, and the final result for approval.


Usually, the processing time takes 8-10 weeks.


We send custom orders via Express shipping only. We calculate the price based on the approximate weight and size of your dress and the destination.


Please mind, that we don’t accept returns of custom orders. But if you have any issues please don’t hesitate to write us, and we will definitely solve the problem.

We accept cancellations. We will make a refund minus PayPal and taxes fees. If we’d already purchased fabrics for you before you canceled the order we will minus the fabrics cost too.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write to us at



Ready to dispatch in

8–10 weeks

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