Fantasy elven silver gray Arwen wedding velvet dress

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stretch velvet, Silver braid, steel bones, tulle, metal chains, beads

Inspired by Galadriel's outfits as well as medieval European fashion, we tried to capture the essence of the mystery behind the elven race in this costume. The costume will be perfect for a wedding, photoset, or LARP event. The dress is made to order.
- Now we use silver trim and another wide silver trim (another pattern)! (please look at the 8th photo)
- original fabrics and trims are out of stock! We use similar grey-blue fabric and trims, and light blue chiffon, please, look at the 8th photo.


The costume consists of four items: the dress, the tulle cloak, removable upper sleeves, and the belt corset. The size is highly adjustable due to the lacing on the back. The dress has a train. It is tailored of high-quality stretch velvet, with silver braid trimming and beads embroidery. The lower sleeves are made of chiffon. Corset has сotton lining.

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It is possible to recreate this costume with other materials and colouring (text us for details). If you have any questions or want to place a custom order, don’t hesitate to write to us at
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"The Lord of the Rings" is one of the most favorite movie trilogies that inspired many people to dive into Tolkine's world. People still re-watch the movies and re-read the books since the world of Arda, created by Tolkien, is unique with amazing characters. However, the popularity of the trilogy also inspired many people to wear gowns and costumes of characters from the movies. 

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