Rococo Elizabeth Swann 18th Century offwhite linen dress

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  • linen, tulle, spiral bones, flat steel bones


Keira Knightley looks luxurious in any role, but the role of Elizabeth Swann brought her the greatest fame. Her performance created a whole generation of women into the world of Pirates even before she became the leader of filibusters. Elizabeth Swann's Halloween costume has become one of the most original and striking options for a party. Let's remember the brightest Elizabeth Swann dresses in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Some words about Elizabeth Swann's outfit

Disney's Elizabeth Swann looks like a real lady when we first go. In The Black Pearl, Elizabeth wears high-class frilly dresses, lives in a mansion, is attended by servants, and her locks are styled immaculately. But soon, we realize that Elizabeth Swann outfits do not match the character. The girl is obsessed with Pirates, treasure, and adventure. In the first part of the movie, Elizabeth Swann wears a pirate costume to help in battles.

As the series continues, she acts less like a lady and more like the Pirate King she is becoming. Elizabeth Swann opts for Pirates of the Caribbean costumes more suited to commanding ships and fighting enemies than Elizabeth dresses and corsets in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth dons a wedding dress that she uses to fool some sailors and then throws away in exchange for some pirate costumes. The girl has it all: graceful dresses and comfortable Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann costumes, which create many opportunities for cosplay.

The most memorable Elizabeth Swann women's costumes

Most Pirates of the Caribbean characters wear one or several outfits throughout the film, but Elizabeth Swann had about 15 pirate costumes. Let's look at some of the most successful Elizabeth pirate outfits:

  • Elizabeth Swann Pirates of the Caribbean wedding dressthe girl wore such a costume on her wedding day, which was interrupted by the Royal Marines. It is a luxurious white and gold outfit with lace, a long train, and a veil. The dress has a three-quarter length sleeve with lace at the ends. The outfit is quite long and decorated with beads. Such a costume is made up of many layers of fabric and color variations.
  • The red dress belonged to Hector Barbossa; Elizabeth Swann wore it while a prisoner aboard the Black Pearl. Black shoes complemented the outfit with a gold buckle. Under the dress was a simple white shift. It is an optimal variant to cosplay Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean. The dress is made of thin plum-colored silk with lace, cream-colored linen arms, and a long black skirt.
  • White nightgown: nothing brings out the gothic style of the film quite like this flowy outfit, even if the story is positioned as an action movie. Elizabeth Swann spends much time in a nightgown, and this dress costume looks stunning.

You can also use pirate items to complete the Elizabeth Swann Pirates of the Caribbean cosplay, such as hats, wigs, themed bracelets, and necklaces.

Benefits of buying Elizabeth's pirate costume for cosplay

You can contact DressArtMystery if you are interested in Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann costumes. We offer both ready-made models and custom-made products. Advantages of buying Elizabeth Swann women's costume in our company:

  • Large selection of outfits: you can buy Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth costume and medieval and steampunk outfits.
  • Only high-quality fabrics: in tailoring, we use high-quality wool, leather, taffeta, and velvet, as well as accessories from trusted manufacturers.
  • Different price options: if your budget is limited, we will offer Pirates of the Caribbean costumes Elizabeth Swann without going beyond the declared cost.

Choosing the original Elizabeth Swann fancy dress from Pirates of the Caribbean, you will not go unnoticed at any party.

Made of striped linen.
This is a two-piece gown: skirt and steel boned bodice with an upper skirt.
Both skirt and bodice are decorated with ruffled tulle.
Also, the upper skirt is decorated with roses.
The bodice is steel boned and heavily lined. You do not need to wear a separate corset as the bodice is a corset. Laces closed up the back.

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