Medieval Fantasy Crimson Cersei Lannister batiste Dress

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  • cotton batiste, crash chiffon, lace, metal bones, golden thread, embroidery thread, Czech beads, acrylic rhinestones, plastic spikes, sided soft heavyweight chenille fabric


Being inspired by fantasy films and serials costuming, we designed a medieval fantasy outfit that will express the all-consuming passion, the desires, the grace, and the ambitions of a confident woman. We kept Cersei Lannister's character in mind while working on this dress.

The costume consists of 2 items: the dress and the underdress.

PLEASE TAKE ATTENTION: the original crimson-colored fabric is out of stock! You can look at the examples of other colors in the last pictures. If you'd like another color, please contact us.

It will be perfect for a non-traditional wedding, fantasy-themed photoset, cosplay, a LARP event, or a medieval-fantasy festival.

It is possible to recreate this costume with other materials and coloring. Note, that due to a large number of handmade features a 100% copy is impossible.

- The dress is made from purplish red chenille fabric
- The under-dress is made of chiffon with cotton batiste lining
- Decorated with handmade embroidery

The dress is made to order.



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It is possible to recreate this costume with other materials and coloring (text us for details).

If you have any questions or would like to place a custom order, don’t hesitate to write to us at

Many of us became fans of the popular TV show, Game of Thrones. Despite the fact that most people dislike the ending of the show, it's still hard not to like many fictional characters that we've seen on the screen. Some of these characters were noble; others were cruel and cunning. Undoubtedly, Cersei Lannister belongs to the second group of characters.

However, three-dimensional complex characters often trigger mixed feelings, and this case is not an exception. Moreover, Cersei Lannister's costumes and exquisite gowns inspired many individuals. Today, people want to crash various parties in amazing red dresses representing Cersei Lannister's house.

Luckily, there are ways to buy a Cersei Lannister dress. For instance, you can purchase Cersei Lannister red dress or any other similar option at our atelier DressArtMystery. 

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Whether you require a Cersei Lannister cosplay outfit or you want a wedding dress in this style, you can our amazing designs. We have several variants of outfits, so you can choose a suitable one that matches your personal style and body shape. 

Why should you choose such a dress? Cersei Lannister is a popular character from the popular television series Game of Thrones. Even though she's known as a villain, she also has a sense of style and regal presence. By choosing a Cersei Lannister outfit, you can embody her powerful and sophisticated aura, making a bold fashion statement.

Our craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that the dress is of the highest quality. We use the best fabrics and technology, so our Cersei Lannister-inspired gown will be created with the utmost care and precision.

Wearing this gown allows you to connect with your inner strength and confidence. Cersei Lannister is a powerful and resourceful woman, and you may embody those traits and feel empowered by dressing like her.

Finally, our Cersei Lannister-inspired dress allows you to interact with other Game of Thrones fans. Despite the show's less than ideal ending, the characters are still popular among cosplayers. 

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At DressArtMystery, we ensure that all our designs perfectly fit our clients. You can choose a specific variant of our Medieval Fantasy Crimson Cersei Lannister dress by selecting fabrics, colors, and other details that can be altered. Moreover, we ask our clients to send precise body measures so we create a dress that fits the body shape perfectly.

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