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Although black is the primary color of gothic dresses, it should be appreciated as a starting point. A canvas that can be embellished with various vibrant hues to highlight the unique style of your dresses and personality. You can add any elements to your dark look; several shades are essentially gothic, including red. Let's discuss what this color symbolizes in gothic dresses and how to add hues to your outfit.

The power of red in gothic dress

We associate black and red gothic dress with the Gothic style. People have a specific symbolism and emotional reaction when they see these colors.

According to designer research, red is considered a dominant, dynamic shade with an exciting and stimulating effect. Red dress evokes positive and negative emotions in people, depending on the circumstances. Such a hue can be associated with passion, warmth, aggression, and intense influence.

Red is the color of blood and flame. It connects with war, blood, strength, and determination. Red dresses of different shades also evoke love, passion, and desire. There is an opinion that this shade improves metabolic processes in the body and increases heart rate and blood pressure. All shades of red are highly visible and are used to indicate danger.

The color black relates to power, evil, death, and formality. It is a mysterious hue that embodies fear and the unknown. The red and black gothic dress creates the most aggressive color scheme.

Shades of Red: choosing the right hue

Red is, without a doubt, an eye-catcher, so when you buy a red goth outfit, you want your red gothic gown to look fantastic and make people turn to look at you. To find the dress of your dreams, experiment with which types and shades of red suit your skin and body best:

  • Choose a bright red color if you have a warm skin tone (yellow, peach, and gold). You will look impressive wearing a red gothic jacket with a bold, orange-tinged shade and scarlet and bright coral items.
  • For cool skin tones (those with pink, red, or blue undertones), choose red goth clothes in darker shades, such as cranberry, burgundy, or brick.
  • People with neutral skin tones can experiment with warm and cool hues to determine which red gothic coat suits them best.

Look for red gothic outfits, the shade of which contrasts with your hair; this is especially true for red-haired beauties. They should select a red gothic wedding dress that is as different as possible from their hair color.

Where to find red gothic dresses and outfits

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The assortment of gothic red dresses comes in different styles, from Victorian and Renaissance models to gothic and steampunk. You'll also find the most colorful dresses from your favorite characters from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and more.

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