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silk from Silkbaron, cotton, cotton velvet, steel bones, embroidery


Mina Murray, later Mina Harker, is the fictional character of Bram Stoker's Dracula and numerous film adaptations, including the most popular Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992. Mina is known as Jonathan's wife, Lucy's close friend, and one of Dracula's victims. In the vampire story, the girl surprises us with her pure heart and exquisite Mina Harker dresses.

What do we know about the costumes of Mina Harker from Dracula

Oscar-winning costume designer Eiko Ishioka designed the Mina Dracula costumes in keeping with the middle and late Victorian era in which the story was set but added embellishments to bring new flair.

Eiko did not skimp on dresses: Mina Harker's outfits were made from imported silk taffeta, finished and embellished to a high standard. Because of this, many dresses were sewn in one copy, without duplicates, which are often used on set.

Mina Harker features her signature green color scheme. However, when she is having dinner with Dracula, she refuses the color. It is the only case when Mina wears not green but a red dress, which he sewed for her.

Some words about Mina Harker's dresses

The style of Mina Harker's dresses is reminiscent of the 1800s polonaise renaissance, the bustle supporting the curvaceous figure gathered at the back, emphasizing the drape at the hips. Consider some of the most memorable outfits:

  • Mina Harker red dress. Such a chic outfit features a V-neck front and back. The front and back of the torso are adorned with 3D red fabric trim. The sleeves reach the elbows and then widen like a bell. The hem of the dress is pleated.
  • Mina Harker green dress. Such an outfit is the first time we see a girl. Its bodice and stand-up collar are decorated with leaves in a folk-art style. The green color of the sea foam represents the purity of Mina.
  • Two-piece walking suit for Mina Harker's first encounter with Dracula, made from silk taffeta: сontrasting lapels, collars, and cuffs are embroidered with leaves. Mina's accessories include green gloves and a women's silk taffeta topper.

You can choose any Mina Harker costume to create the most striking look for a costume party or photo shoot.

Where to buy Mina Harker Halloween costume

Are you planning Mina Harker cosplay for the Halloween party? Then visit the DressArtMystery website to choose an original dress. What our fairies offer:

  • Dress according to ready-made sketches or on an individual order. You can choose a model presented in the catalogs or describe your original idea.
  • Quality fabrics and accessories. We do not use materials of dubious quality for our dresses, only the best silk, velvet, jacquard, and lace.
  • Gift сertificates. You can purchase a gift card for a friend, wife, or sister so they can choose the most beautiful dress.

Follow our guide to creating the perfect Mina Harker Dracula costume.

The dress will be perfectly sewn from pure silk with handmade or machine embroidery of your choice. For comfortable wear, we will use cotton for the lining. According to the original dress, this costume consists of a jacket with embroidery, and two skirts. The lower skirt is hand-pleated to provide the authentic look of Victorian-era dresses and the movie. The upper skirt is decorative with an "apron" in front and a luxuriant Victorian silhouette in the back. We recommend wearing this dress with a Victorian corset, a bustle cage, and a petticoat, which are not included in this listing. The dress is made to order.

In the 4th and 5th pictures, you can see the dress made by our team with handmade embroidery.

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It is possible to recreate this costume with other materials and coloring (text us for details).
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