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Victorian-era clothing for women meant that they wore dresses that accentuated their waists. Typically, they had corsets under their dresses to have a tinier waist. Some designs also included hooped skirts and even bustles. 

All these details make an impression of not very comfortable gowns. And yes, it's true, many Victorian outfits were highly uncomfortable, yet beautiful. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and can adjust these beautiful designs to make them more comfortable and easy to wear.

At DressArtMystery, we create amazing dresses of different styles. One of the most popular choices among customers is the Victorian style. We can easily recreate any design that you have in mind. Moreover, we can adjust them according to your specific needs, for example, if you want to make the gown look fantasy-like. Check out our Victorian gowns and outfits to find something you like.

Features Of Victorian Outfits

One of the biggest appeals of Victorian-inspired clothing is that the development of synthetic dyes marked this era. Thus, Victorian fashionistas had a chance to wear dresses of bright, sometimes rather wild colors. It means we can receive beautiful Victorian-style outfits and costumes of different colors and shades.

Moreover, the Victorian era was also highly ornamental. Dresses and outfits (even men's wear) included lace, draping, embroidery, and ruffles. For us, at DressArtMystery, it means that we can have multiple interesting options and ideas to turn into real dresses.

Customers will find some of our store's most striking Victorian-inspired gowns, costumes, and outfits. You can choose and buy a few ready-made designs right now. Our outfits are of different standard sizes (XS, S, M, L, and so on), but we sew them from scratch, ensuring they perfectly fit our client's personal measurements.

However, you may also order custom-made Victorian women's clothing. One of the most popular options is turning Victorian era costumes and gowns into outfits that resemble the clothing of characters from movies or TV shows. Moreover, if you're into cosplay, you can order a recreation of an outfit of your favorite character. 

Victorian Costumes For Men

The Victorian outfits female category is not the only place to look for outfits. Men may also find a few striking designs! Thus, if you're considering having a photoshoot or planning to visit a special event, you can order a custom-made dress for the lady and a Victorian-style costume for the gentleman! Moreover, men may also enjoy Victorian-inspired outfits that resemble costumes from popular TV shows and movies. Moreover, one of the most popular today's fashion choices, Steampunk, is based on the Victorian style!

Victorian Accessories

Accessories have the most appeal out of Victorian-style clothing. Back then, women wore beautiful corsets, headdresses and hats, cloaks, gloves, neckwear, etc. Men were also free in accessories. They could wear cravats, ascots, bowties, canes, pocket watches, etc. You can find some of these hand-made items in our store!

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our designs are unique and one-of-a-kind. Dresses, outfits, and accessories are made of high-quality, safe materials and fabrics. They are safe to wear and are adjusted according to your measurements. Our clients receive premium services and luxurious outfits thanks to our attention to detail and love for tailoring unique and creative outfits. Check out all our Victorian designs and accessories to find something that catches your eye.