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In 2008 the historical romantic film The Other Boleyn Girl, directed by Justin Chadwick, was released. It is an adaptation of the 2001 Philippa Gregory novel of the same name. It is a story about the life of the aristocrats in the person of Mary Boleyn, the mistress of King Henry VIII, and her sister Anne, who became the monarch's wife. This film impresses not only with its original plot but also with unforgettable Anne Boleyn costumes.

Short story for Anne Boleyn cosplay

Although her reign was three years, Anne Boleyn is one of the most famous English queens. This daughter of the Duke of Norfolk's nephew spent her youth in France. When the girl returned to England, her intelligence and stylish costumes attracted men.

Anne Boleyn had many admirers, but she secretly became engaged to Henry Percy and became a lady-in-waiting to Katharine of Aragon. Soon she was noticed by Henry VIII, who expelled Anne Boleyn's groom from the court and tried to make her his mistress, but the girl refused.

Anne Boleyn demanded that the king marry her. For seven long years, she expected his divorce through a break with the Vatican. The girl could not give the king a son, and their marriage ended tragically because Anne Boleyn was executed on false charges.

The most interesting Anne Boleyn costumes

In The Other Boleyn Girl, a team of costume designers led by Sandy Powell had to create almost all the costumes from scratch. Such efforts and expenses were justified because the wardrobe of the primary and secondary characters turned out to be chic. Let's take a look at the most exciting Anne Boleyn dresses.

Dinner at the King's

During dinner, everyone around laughs at Anne Boleyn's jokes, but the king is annoyed by the laughter and demands Anne Boleyn to stand in front of him. She appears in the most recognizable costume in which actress Natalie Portman shines on advertising posters.

The costume includes an emerald green satin dress and an attractive French hood with a veil. This dress represents Anne Boleyn's crucial role in the palace. The costume's bodice is rigid; the neckline is low, square-shaped, and decorated with pearl embroidery on black velvet. The sleeves are fitted, but the cuffs are rolled up to the elbow, showing off the velvet lining. The costume has a rounded and broad silhouette.

Coronation costume

Anne Boleyn's coronation costume is majestic. It consists of an indigo dress, a cape of yellow silk embellished with gold and lined with ermine. The costume has a high waist since the girl is pregnant during the ceremony. The bodice is made of velvet, and the sleeves are tailored of satin with ruffles on the shoulders, cuffs, and elbows. The skirt was created of silk with pomegranate motifs, which symbolized luxury during the Renaissance. The costume has a flowing silhouette since Anne Boleyn is expecting a baby.

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The dress consists of a top dress with a bodice and a lower skirt. Materials: silk and velvet, in the bodice, there are steel bones for tightening and perfect fit. The dress is made to order.

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