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Silk Baron, Steel bones, Handmade flowers, Laces


Christine Daae is a fictional character and the protagonist of Gaston Leroux's 1910 novel The Phantom of the Opera and various film adaptations, including the most popular musical, released in 2004. Christine Daae is a chorus/ballerina who becomes the object of an obsession by the mysterious Phantom of the Opera, who kidnaps and drags her to his lair. But the girl's compassion for the Phantom forces him to release the chorus girl. Christine Daae has a lot of chic dresses; in the most famous productions, her costumes were designed by Maria Bjornson for the stage and Alexandra Byrne for the movies.

Some words about Christine Daae's outfits

Over the years, Christine Daae's dressing costumes have been subject to many interpretations, giving you freedom of expression to create your cosplay. Despite the variety of images of the chorus girl, her white coat, red and gold dress, and walking suit are the most popular outfits. The key to successful Christine Daae cosplay is to think Victorian and showcase your creativity.

As for other attributes of the Christine Daae costume Halloween, we recommend you purchase a brown wig and put it in a high hairstyle with curls. Place a large, sturdy fabric rose in your hair. Complete the Christine Daae look with a thin silver chain and pearl pendant.

The most incredible Christine Daae dresses

Anyone who has ever seen the film or performance of The Phantom of the Opera will surely remember these costumes of Christine Daae:

  • White robe. It is the costume that Christine Daae wears the most. It is a thin white nightgown-like dress with a fitted bodice and flared sleeves. Its length varies from the middle of the leg to the floor, and the hem and neckline are decorated with lace.
  • The Countess's dress is one of the most elaborate Christine Daae outfits. She wears this red and gold dress for the lead role in Il Muteo. The outer part of the costume is made of darkly red velvet, silk, and satin. The bodice is embellished with a golden corset, which makes the figure more seductive. The inner skirt is also gold for contrast.
  • Wedding dress. A traditional white outfit with a fitted bodice and a wide skirt, complemented by an underskirt. In some versions, the outfit is decorated with stones and sequins, which makes it shine.

By choosing any of the listed costumes of Christine Daae, you can bring the romantic story of the Phantom of the Opera to life.

How to choose the best masquerade Christine Daae costume

If you want to surprise all the guests at the party with Christine Daae cosplay, we advise you to look at the DressArtMystery website. Here you can choose one of the costumes in the catalogs or offer your version of the dress by sending a few examples. What do we offer?

  • A vast selection of exclusive outfits. You can choose a Victorian dress, a costume of your favorite movie or book character.
  • High-quality tailoring. We use expensive fabrics and accessories so that they delight you with beauty for many years.

In our Christine Daae masquerade costume, you can conquer a stage of any size!

The dress consists of a bodice, a skirt with a long train, as well as a crinoline and a petticoat. The dress is made of Silk from Silk Baron and decorated with lace and handmade flowers. Please note that gloves are not included in the costume. The dress is made to order.

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