Blue and yellow Ukrainian wreath

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  • wire, paper, wax


In Ukraine, a wedding wreath is one of the most important attributes of a wedding. It used to be made of fresh flowers and each flower had its meaning. Starting from the end of the 19th-century wax wreaths became fashionable in Ukraine, which girls liked so much that until the end of the 1980s they were perhaps the most desirable decoration at weddings.

Now there are also craftswomen who create authentic wreaths of wax flowers for historical reenactment or for historical or fantasy-themed weddings. Manufacturing technology involves completely manual work.

The base of the wreath is made of wire wrapped in paper with attached waxed flowers. Each flower is manually twisted from a special colored paper and treated several times with wax. The headdress is fastened at the back with ends shaped into a loop with ribbon so it can bind firmly around the head.

This headdress will complement any look: both wedding and fantasy, also it can be worn in everyday life as an unusual floral accessory, especially will fit with Ukrainian embroidered shirts and stylized or ethnic clothes.

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