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Have you been invited to the Mad Tea Party or an Alice in Wonderland-themed costume party? Do you want to treat strangers with sweets during Halloween? Have you been given a role in the play Alice in Wonderland? Then you need to find Alice in Wonderland dress as soon as possible. This article will teach you more about Alice and Wonderland women's costumes and how to create a cosplay of a girl through the looking glass 

History of Alice in Wonderland dresses

If you plan to buy the character Alice in Wonderland costume, then it is vital to determine which image you are interested in in advance. There are several depictions of a heroine, one of the most famous being her image in the 1951 Disney animated film. The Alice and Wonderland outfit in the cartoon resembles the original Tenniel illustrations, although there are some differences.

Girl's early costumes

In Lewis Carroll's book's black and white illustrations, Alice is shown wearing a knee-length puffed sleeve costume with a pinafore worn over the top and ankle strap shoes. There was also no exact information regarding the color scheme of the Alice in Wonderland Alice outfit, but light blue is considered the most common option in subsequent editions.

The opening images of Alice in Wonderland character's outfits had detailed lines that Disney simplified. So the heroine's costume was left without her exquisite stockings and other jewelry.

Alice brought back her striped stockings in the 1999 TV movie, but this time the Alice in Wonderland outfit was yellow instead of blue.

Image in a Tim Burton film

When we first meet the heroine in a Tim Burton film, she wears the iconic Victorian Alice in Wonderland women's blue dress. Her style is feminine but not overly sophisticated, as she tends to go on adventures.

Alice in Wonderland Alice's dress changes as she falls down the rabbit hole. Instead of staying in one Alice in Wonderland costume like in past incarnations, Alice changes outfits.

She improvised halter-style Alice and Wonderland costumes from her underwear during the first shrunk. Later, when the looking-glass girl became gigantic and found herself naked, the Red Queen gave her a red, white, and black striped costume. You can choose any costume for Alice in Wonderland Alice cosplay.

Alice in Wonderland cosplay accessories

Alice and Wonderland cosplay provide the most accurate character image transfer. It is not enough to buy Alice in Wonderland dress for women; try to complement the look with accessories. For example, you can hold a soft toy like a tabby cat or a rabbit. Consider other exciting items:

  • A plastic flamingo if you want to play the croquet scene.
  • Different playing cards, a white rose can be associated with the song «We're Painting the Roses Red».
  • An old-fashioned bottle that says «Drink me».

Invite your friends to join the Alice in Wonderland cosplay group. They will surely love the Mad Hatter and white rabbit costume in the style of Tim Burton.

Where to find an Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume?

When preparing for a costume party, many people wonder where to buy Alice in Wonderland cosplay dress. DressArtMystery offers the most luxurious costumes for a bright transformation. Why can you trust us?

The quality of Alice in Wonderland cosplay costumes is at the highest level. We use pleasant tactile fabrics that will withstand more than one wash without losing their appearance.

We offer various eccentric outfits and Alice costumes for clubs and parties. Each client will find a unique costume that other guests will not have.

When ordering a women's Alice costume, you can specify your budget, and our experts will offer options without going beyond the selected amount.

Please contact us if you want to purchase Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes or any other historical or fantasy costume. You will feel like a princess in our dresses, handmade by experienced craftsmen.

The outfit consists of the victorian styled corset, lacy jacquard skirt and viscose shirt decorated with lace. The costume is made to order.

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